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We need your help!

Underprivileged children have very little chance of escaping the poverty trap. 

We support children and young adults by granting free and non-discriminatory access to education. We focus on the community of Odambang village and transfer all donations (every single cent) to KNGO Cambodia. 

How can you support? That's very easy! Please choose your preferred way of donation.

We highly appreciate your support

Every cent helps! To give children from unprivileged households the chance of a self-determined future, you can make a big difference with a small donation. Either choose one of our donation packages or determine the amount of your monetary donation yourself. Do you want to donate regularly or once?

You have the following options:


Please transfer your donation to our bank account:


Account holder:KNGO Germany e.V.

GLS Bank

IBAN: DE08 4306 0967 1281 0756 00




PayPal  your donation. Please choose the amount of your donation or select one of the following options:  

  • 20 Euro - one student is provided with a one-year supply of school books, folders, and pencils

  • 50 Euro covers all costs for one student for 6 months

  • 100 Euro gives a one-year scholarship to one student

Thank you!
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