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Join us!

KNGO Germany e.V.

Free imageung for children

KNGO Germany e.V. is passionately committed to providing every child in the Odambang community with free and discrimination-free access to education. We firmly believe in the power of helping people to help themselves and see education as the foundation for an independent life. Our belief: Education can break the vicious circle of poverty in the long term.

You have various options to support us

Your support COUNTS!

Our voluntary commitment to the KNGO Cambodia school project is particularly important to us. We contribute our diverse skills without expecting anything in return. In this way, we keep the club's costs low and invest every cent donated where it is needed most.

The costs for bank account and web hosting are borne by the founding team.

Our non-profit organization is registered in Germany. This means that you may be able to deduct your donation from your taxes. For donations up to €200, your bank statement serves as proof. Amounts beyond this will be confirmed upon request with an official donation receipt.

If you would like a donation receipt, please let us know by emaile-mail with. Your support changes lives!

KNGO Cambodia prepares an annual budget plan, which is carefully checked by KNGO Germany and adjusted if necessary before it is approved.


The close cooperation in budget planning and ongoing controlling enables us to ensure the highest level of transparency and exclude any form of inappropriate influence.


In this way, we not only have constant insight into KNGO Cambodia's financial affairs, but also strict control of expenses.

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